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STITCH BY STITCH has an expert group of needlepoint finishers to help you create your masterpieces and we also carry products for self-finishing (snap trays, boxes, key chains, etc.).
There are no 2021 Finishing Deadlines due to the Covid Pandemic.  Get your project
to us sooner vs. later!





Custom Painting

Our custom artist will beautifully transform your picture or photo onto canvas.  Favorites include life belts, beloved pets, school emblems, house photos, camp photos, boats, golf club logos, monograms, and birth/wedding announcements.















Custom Stitching / Ghost Stitching

Have a project you would like stitched?  Lost interest in a canvas and need help finishing it?  We provide custom stitching services.  Contact us for more information!
We carry a lot of Needlepoint Books to help you 
select proper stitches!
Accessories include Magnets, Frame Weights, Lights,
Carrying Bags, Needles, Beads, Ribbons, etc., etc.!
We carry a number of thread lines at the store. 

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