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  • We are starting to get Fall Market Pre-views!!!

    With the painting services being a bit's more important than ever to place your pre-orders for new designs! We are in love with Kate Dickerson's new "Funky Pumpkin" collection! We have loaded the individual pumpkins into our online store and as soon as we get information on the larger collage, we will load that one too!

  • We love all the blue & white we are starting to see!!!

    New Fall 2020 Designs are being released! These are new from Kate Dickerson....Kate thinks about 2 months to being available for pre-orders so order yours now if you would like to be in the first wave of shipments! (We have an area on our HOMEPAGE for Kate's newest designs) These are new from The Collection...we are getting information and will load these into our store as soon as we have them.

  • Great finishes and finishing!!! What a way to start 2020!!!

    Great vinyl leather bag stitched by Val.....purse strap stitched by Kate and Collegiate pillow stitched by Lisa S. Three wonderful pillows....first one by Andrea G., second by Meryl and last one by Jane M. Love Laura B's two blue and whites!!! Kay G. has been a busy lady!!!! Gotta love a snoopy ornament!!! Stitched by Dawn. Sue Ann finished her Plum Stitchery piece...she worked with Marina during Studio Time Esther and Andrea K. turned in the same pieces on the same day!!! What's the odds of that!!!! Shelley finished her Pajamas and Chocolate dog....she also worked with Marina during Studio Time on stitch selections. And Susan finished her first piece of 2020......we just love the new city collection!!!

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  • FUTURE TRUNK SHOW LIST | Stitch by Stitch

    UPCOMING TRUNK SHOWS ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Beau Verre Art..............................................April 2022 Dec. 2022 ​ Beau Verre Art Needleminders....................

  • Laura Taylor Classes | Stitch by Stitch

    she continued to enjoy all of these crafts, Laura decided to direct her education to two dimensional art

  • OUR VENDORS | Stitch by Stitch

    Designs Anne Cram Designs ​ Anne Fisher Needlepoint ​ Ann Kaye Studio ​ A Poore Girl Paints Needlepoint Artists Bradley ​ l'Esprit de France Labors of Love ​ Lani ​ Lauren Bloch Designs Laurel Wheeler Lee's Needle Art Designs Shorebird Studio Silver Needle ​ Silver Stitch Sophia Designs SM Stitches Squiggee Designs Star Needle Arts Stitch-Its ​ Stitch Rock Designs ​ Stitch Style Strictly Christmas Sundance Designs Susan

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