Second Tony Minieri Embellishment Class Dates!!!!

You we asked....and Tony said yes!

He is adding two additional days to his visit to our store in September!

While the first class on Sept. 9th & 10th is full, we do have seven slots left in the newly forming second class on

September 11th & 12th

How does it work??? You purchase a canvas in the next month or two and we send your canvas off to Tony. Tony creates a custom stitch guide with thread & embellishment list appropriate for your skill as a needlepointer.

You come to the class and review your custom stitch guide and all the threads and you have a chance to ask Tony for help on new techniques, new stitches or how to use new threads. You also get to observe Tony demonstrating stitches on other people's canvases which is a marvelous learning opportunity.

Tony normally discusses a few of the canvases on the first day so you witness his thought process for why he selected things for certain areas.....learn about perspective when kitting a project!

Tony is very patient and loves to teach eager and willing students! Don't worry about your level of we said, your guide will be appropriate to your level!

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